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The Origin of Black Friday

The biggest eating day has all but been taken over by the biggest shopping day—Black Friday. Whereas shoppers used to line up early Friday morning for the best deals, they’re now ducking out of Thanksgiving dinner early to head to the stores. There are plenty of myths about how Black Friday started, and how the …

Happy Thanksgiving from Impact Marketing

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, all of us at Impact Marketing have our favorite holiday meals in mind. Can you hear our stomachs grumbling already? Keep reading to see our choices, and maybe even get some ideas for your family Thanksgiving this year! James James’ favorite Thanksgiving dish is Grandma Beard’s homemade egg noodles. …

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The Fall of Facebook

For years now we’ve been bombarded with information about millennials. Headlines like “Millennials are the first generation to do worse than their parents,” and “Millennials are ruining the (insert virtually anything) industry,” and “Millennials are obsessed with avocados!” (we really aren’t) are everywhere. Now, with the eldest of Gen Z in their early twenties, they …

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2020 Marketing Trends

As the new year rolls in, it’s time to look at some growing trends likely to influence marketing throughout 2020. Customer Experience Showing that your company can provide a stand-out experience for your customers is going to be increasingly important in 2020. Businesses have to offer more than just information. 73% of people say that …

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It’s Not Where You Start

When you first meet the employees here at Impact Marketing, you’ll probably assume we’ve been in marketing our whole lives. After all, we’re experts at web development, graphic design, media buying, video production, writing, and so much more. Believe it or not, it took a lot of work and experience to get where our team …