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“I wanted my company to be different, so that’s why I called it Impact Marketing. We handled more than just the advertising aspect. We handled the processes for sales and strategies.” -James White, CEO & Founder

Impact Marketing was started over 20 years ago by Founder and CEO James White and has since grown into multiple marketing services. Impact has become one of the largest buyers of traditional media in the Cedar Valley including television, radio, metro and rural newspapers, billboards, trade publication advertising and listings. We’ve helped dozens and dozens of companies get started from scratch with branding guidelines, advertising their business and getting the word out.


Reach. Measure. Connect. Create.

We combine our knowledge and experience with your goals and objectives to develop a specific plan of attack for your online strategy.


Refresh. Secure. Educate. Deliver.

At IMPACT, we’re experts at using ink to create strategic marketing results in virtually any print medium.


Engage. Influence. Motivate. Inspire.

We combine our knowledge and experience with your goals and objectives to develop a specific strategy that maps a comprehensive plan.

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From Website Design and Development to Graphic Design to Social Media we know how to inspire your audience and grab their attention.

Creative. Modern. Smart.

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James White
Hawkeyes & Meat
Jeremy Sebetka
Operations Manager
Busy Accountant
Dave Vonderhaar
Always with a Diet Coke
Ross Nunez
Creative Director
Call of Duty kind of girl
Ashley McDowell
Head of Development
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Delynn Plante
Head of Graphic Design
24/7 Blanket Tortilla
Maddie Foley
Creative Coordinator
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Lauren Bonner
Project Manager