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HIPPA man typing on laptop

HIPAA Compliance for Social Media

For most companies, interacting with customers on social media is a comparatively simple process. For those in the healthcare industry, it’s much more sensitive. Clinics and doctors must comply with HIPAA rules 24/7- even on social media. Here are a few ways you can ensure that you aren’t breaking HIPAA rules when interacting with patients …

Couple holding presents Christmas

Our Favorite Holiday Ads

One of the best parts of being in the advertising industry is themed ads, especially holiday ads! In that spirit, we’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorite holiday ads. Check them out! Alek’s Pick: “Despite the growth of new media, for decades families still spend time together looking through the stack of printed sales …

metal rollers

The Words We Use

Dashboard The UI interface for many pieces of software including CMSs like WordPress are referred to as a “Dashboard”. Obviously the leap from car dashboards come to mind with its similar elements such as dials, gauges, and instrument panels. But the term goes back much further, which is apparent when the word is broken down. …

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Concept ONE 2018

Part of being a professional in an industry like marketing is keeping up-to-date on the latest best practices, trends, and technology. A few months ago, I attended the Concept ONE conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to see what industry experts were saying about marketing in 2018. The conference featured keynote speakers Douglas Karr, Andrea …

vector files VS raster files

What file type do you need?

Can you send me a vector file of your logo? Is this logo rasterized? Is this image at 300 dpi? If you have heard these questions before and were lost then this is the cheat sheet for you. What is a Vector file? Vector files use mathematical equations translated into points that are connected by …

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It’s All About Strategy

Did you know that many of today’s marketing tactics date back to the 1800s? The limited time offer and the installment plan both date back to the nineteenth century. The free gift with purchase method dates to this time as well, when it was a favorite of newspaper owners: Buy their paper and receive a …