Website Hosting

Website hosting is the amount of space a website takes up on a on a server to store web content such as images, forms, blogs, etc. Websites often evolve over time and thus, need additional room to grow and store data. The bigger a website is, the more space it needs to use on a server. A website with a large amount of data and content will cost more and take up more space than a smaller and simpler website would. The size of your website will be reflected in your hosting price.

Below is a breakdown of the available hosting packages Impact Marketing offers. The cost of hosting is reflective to the website size  that is being hosted.

Hosting Tier
Bandwidth (MB)
Email Only<2,50037,500$540.00
Landing Page37,500$540.00
DNS OnlyNA$540.00

Please reference these links to learn about the security measures we use for our websites.

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If you have any questions about Impact Marketing’s updated website hosting services, please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling 319.232.4332!