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Meskwaki Bingo Casino is one of the largest full-service casinos in the Midwest. They provide guests with many different forms of entertainment, fine dining experiences, and a deluxe hotel.

Established in 1992, Meskwaki offers a wide range of gaming services, hosts live music and several other community events.


As a break from the norm, Meskwaki recently developed a branded line of various retail products. These custom product lines extend to include coffee, meat sticks, tobacco, unique spices, and more. Through multiple channels of distribution, Meskwaki hoped to use these products to extend their reach on the market.

Impact was tasked with providing these exclusive product lines with a rebranded sense of identity. Through each step of development, we work closely with our clients to better understand specific objectives. With Meskwaki, we focused on finding an effective point of balance in our branding strategy. The new product lines are an extension of Meskwaki’s larger operation, but they’re being presented individually in an unfamiliar arena. The brand identity we developed painted each product as something rare, raw, and exciting, but also left subtle connections to vintage Meskwaki history.

Your branding strategy is more important than you might initially think. Modern consumers act quickly. They base a large portion of buying decisions on a brand’s initial, visual appeal. Whether you think your color scheme is outdated, or you want to restart completely from scratch, Impact Marketing has the creative power to breathe new life into your operation.

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