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Influence & Motivation

A product or service is only as valuable as its perception in the market. Making a first impression is pivotal, but making an impression that has a lasting effect on your market is even more important.

You want to force the market to take an interest in your brand. You want targeted consumers to think about your product long after you’ve been introduced to one another. You want to stand out in the minds of individual consumers until your message becomes a part of their decision-making process.

In today’s digitally-driven world, audio and radio advertising is often forgotten, or even dismissed as an ineffective form of marketing. Through our years of experience in the ever-changing ad industry, we confidently urge our clients to think otherwise.

  • Brothers Market

  • Buchanan County Health

  • Roling Ford

  • Jerry Rolling Motors

  • Waverly Utilities

How We Get You There

Radio and other forms of creative, audio-based advertising still play a significant role in successful marketing campaigns. Impact partners with local businesses and institutions to create high-quality jingles that command attention from individual consumers. In the past, we’ve developed catchy, pinpointed jingles on behalf of:

  • Brother’s Market
  • Roling Motors and Roling Ford
  • Buchanan County Health
  • Waverly Utilities
  • And MORE
Impact works to shift the market’s perception in favor of your products, services, and overall brand. We craft content that generates enthusiasm among consumers, encourages them to act, and drives them where they need to be

We start by getting to know your business and understanding your objectives. We develop a messaging strategy and content that fits our approach. From there, we pair our creations with some of the best musical talent in the area, and inspire carpool karaoke sessions across your targeted market.

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