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Buchanan County Health Center is a critical access hospital in Independence, Iowa. They maintain a dedication to providing their surrounding communities with life-long, world-class health care.

The hospital was initially founded in 1917 as a small operation meant to care for just 12 patients at a time. Since that point, BCHC has made a steadfast commitment to improve operations, and has grown extensively to meet their communities’ diverse healthcare needs. BCHC now employs more than 225 medical professionals, cares for more than 3,000 patients each month, provides 18 clinical specialties, 15 medical specialties, a wellness center, a long-term care facility, and a retirement community.

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Impact assisted Buchanan County Health Center in the past during their rebranding period. We helped the hospital develop a new brand identity and a messaging strategy that better reflected the diverse, committed services they provide.

Here for you and trusted for life, BCHC has expanded over time to build up their local communities. They want to provide efficient health care through every stage of a person’s life, and in doing so they hope to reflect positively upon the local communities that rely on them. We captured this idea with a brief TV spot, and gave viewers a high-definition look at multiple updated BCHC facilities.

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