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American Pattern & CNC Works was founded in the Cedar Falls Industrial Park in 1994. At the time, their overall goal was to service the pattern tooling needs demanded by local agricultural businesses.

Since then, American Pattern’s business timeline shows a steady expansion of available technologies, facilities, and capabilities. While they started with only a handful of employees in a building covering 5,000 square feet, today American Pattern’s combined facilities cover multiple locations and include at least 70,000 square feet of space.

American Pattern designs CNC solutions and prototypes with unparalleled precision. They work hard to provide the perfect balance between the latest technology and industry-experienced professionals. With clients in agriculture, construction, transportation, and seemingly countless other industries, American Pattern helps meet your tooling requirements from concept through completion.



Modern web users are resourceful and impatient. As opposed to aimlessly surfing through a sea of interconnected pages, modern web users visit your specific website to receive distinct and useful information… and they want it now!

Impact understands how a poorly designed website can drive a gap between consumers and your online brand. So before diving into sketchpads and color schemes, we follow a strategic process that focuses directly on your objectives. From there, we work together to create visually compelling web solutions that are easy to maintain and easy to put into action.

Safety Solutions offers their clients a wide variety of services. In 2015, they came to us in need of a web presence that covered each of their capabilities, and did so candidly. We worked closely with Safety Solutions to build a digital platform that attracts web users with impressive visuals, and provides them with the information they’re seeking almost immediately. Safety Solutions’ new website lays out a direct path for visitors to follow and helps drive real-life consumers where they need to be.

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