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A-Line Iron & Metals in Waterloo is locally owned and operated, and has worked hard to provide area businesses with scrap recycling solutions for over 80 years. Experienced in ferrous and nonferrous metal recycling, A-Line makes the recycling process as efficient as possible. They carry a wide variety of trailers, containers, shears and other equipment, and are prepared to tackle jobs at your facility, or right on the job site. A-Line has valued experience working with demolition contractors, engineering firms, machine shops, and much more.


As an exciting break from the norm, A-Line Iron & Metals periodically helps sponsor regional MMA events. This particular event was labeled the Scrap Night at the Pavilion, inspired by A-Line’s long-standing metal recycling solutions, and featured a heavy dose of aspiring young fighters.

We wanted the poster we developed for Scrap Night at the Pavilion to be as bold and rugged as the event itself. Dark color shades set a strong tone, and heavy shadows match the intimidating looks flashed by the events featured fighters.

As important as any design concept, the poster also covers any question viewers might have about the event. Fight time, venue, specific information about seating, ticket pricing, and even a look at some of the most anticipated matchups are all readily available.

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